How to Care for Plated Jewelry

Since the gold layer is very thin, friction between your skin and the plated jewelry can slowly rub off the plating. Also, exposure to water, sweat, soap, perfume and other chemicals can cause the plating to fade.

To take care of plated jewelry, you should:

Avoid getting the jewelry wet with water, soap, perfume, lotion and other chemicals. If the jewelry does get wet, wipe it immediately with a soft cloth.
Avoid getting the jewelry wet with your sweat. Remove the jewelry when you are going to engage in some strenuous physical activity.
Remove the plated jewelry when you sleep at night to reduce contact with bare skin.
Store the jewelry in a dry place. Also, it is best to store the plated jewelry separate from other plated jewelry (either you keep them in individual plastic pouches or separate them in the jewelry box). Do not store or keep several plated jewelry in a single bin. Several plated jewelry in a single bin will rub or scratch against each other and will cause the plating to fade faster.


8 Tips on How to Care for Your Plated Jewelry

Tip 1: Apply cosmetics, hair products, lotions, perfumes and powders prior to donning your jewelry.

Tip 2: Prevent your items from being exposed to moisture.

Tip 3: Remove your pieces before showering, swimming, sunbathing and exercising.

Tip 4: Prevent damage and breakage by removing your jewelry at bedtime.

Tip 5: Keep all wearable pieces of art out of direct sunlight.

Tip 6: Metals may tarnish over time due to oxygen and natural body oils.

Tip 7: To reduce tarnishing, store jewelry in a sealed bag or box in a dry, dark and cool place.

Tip 8: Handle with care.